About us

Eleanor Tetlow (http://www.needletherapy.co.uk) and Lilja Katanka (http://www.lifeisforlivingwell.co.uk) met while studying for their Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture degrees at the University of Westminster in London.  Both graduated with honours in 2008 after 4 years of study, and became accredited members of the British Acupuncture Council. Both practitioners have also spent additional time observing and studying in hospitals and Universities in China.

Eleanor and LiljaLilja and Eleanor became friends and study partners as they both lived in Brixton, and had a shared commitment to providing affordable acupuncture to their local community- which is where this project began in 2011.  They decided to join forces to make this community clinic in their local area a reality.  Both practice privately too doing one-on-one treatments at other locations.


Silene Bricet http://www.bricetacupuncture.co.uk is now working with Lilja since Eleanor moved :)